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24-Jan-2016 04:39

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As someone called @God Damn Roads pointed out today on Twitter, "it doesn't take coordination for people to post lulzy things at a chat bot." Microsoft's accusation doesn't surprise me.Outsiders are constantly mistaking spontaneous subcultural activities for organized conspiracies.This is an Chat bot that I make and still in progress, it's Allen Walker Chat Bot*still in development though, chat with him so I can make him better okay? botid=9451877b1e34467d Ok so: this is my night spent on Cleverbot! At first there were Italy, Germany and Japan but I didn't thought about saving it so I began with America when cleverbot began to make its weird senses. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------America CB: That is a valid point. thanks*I don't own the anime, just for fun and I just want to show it *If he talk weird, sorry! But if it wasn't for the Americans, would you even exist? CB: The only reason that you would say that would be if it was way above you. Cleverbot: If I become one with Prussia, you become one with Mother Russia? Cleverbot: We've been talking for a few minutes now actually.

Once the Internet figured this out, it wasn't long before the channer types started encouraging Tay to say the most offensive things they could think of.Created: Yesterday Creator: Zno Thumbs up: 0, thumbs down: 0, stars: 0.0 Knowledge: 6126 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 0 Connects: 43, today: 0, week: 0, month: 43API Connects: 42, today: 0,week: 0, month: 42 Last Connect: Yesterday, Categories: Romance Tags: sex Domain: BOT libre!

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