Cornfed dating

13-Nov-2016 15:42

It may sound like #fakenews, but he was the first and only Bumble date I’ve ever gone on!

Related: Sarah Meets Her Boyfriend’s Mom For The First Time Earlier this week, Cornfed met my mother and sister, so I figured it was finally time to introduce him to my radio family too!

) I’m the morning show’s associate producer and I’ve been on the hunt for a good guy in the jungle of L. It got so bad, we had professional matchmaker David Cruz come to 97.1 AMP Radio to find out why I was so unlucky in love.

Those of you who listen to the morning show have probably heard me mention my boyfriend Cornfed. But all my fears fell by the wayside after a few bottles of wine and a round of Fireball shots with Mama Cornfed! The morning show couldn’t wait to hear all about my Monday Funday, so you best believe I spilled the tea.

Boston of the first season of I Love New York was offered his own reality show.

Boston declined and the plans eventually fell through, leaving the show to be picked up by Real and Chance.

And you best believe Carson Daly had a blast grilling Cornfed on live radio!

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