Dhcp updating dns records

06-Sep-2016 23:54

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Would appreciate any pointers on getting this to work.You, as a DHCP administrator, might want to enable DNS integration in order to automatically update the DNS records dynamically with the DHCP client computers’ information whenever the DHCP server assigns the IP address and other settings to them.

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Here is my config for DHCP on the switch -ip dhcp pool PC network domain-name dns-server default-router lease 8This is an office across the street from the main building.With the default settings, a duplicate A record gets registered by DHCP with the client’s new IP.This is because the client will not update itself due to the current record in DNS is beyond the lease period.Would like to see about getting DHCP configured on a Cisco switch to auto-register the computers hostname with a MS DNS server.

Had to troubleshoot a workstation hogging bandwidth.A: The short answer is no; however, it's important to step back and understand how DNS interacts with DHCP regarding dynamic updates, then look at what each of the two actions mentioned in the title actually does—namely, setting DNS dynamic update credentials on DHCP and adding a DHCP server to the Dns Update Proxy group.

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