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He makes sure our customers get fast and informative responses to their questions via chat and email.

He’s a LARPer (that’s Live Action Role Playing), and one of the co-founders of the Liveform society that offers live role playing experiences.

When not killing trolls in the nearby woods, he loves watching cheesy action movies from the 70s-80s era as well as all shark movies, including the UX Copywriter Justyna is a natural when it comes to customer service.

She handles all customer cases with great care and dedication.

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When Carter asked what kind of nurse she wanted to be, she told him, "It don't even matter." Carter sensed her urgency to leave the fast food business and follow her dreams. A retired police detective, Carter couldn't afford to pay for her school alone, so he asked his Facebook friends to help. Within a week's time, he and his friends had raised more than ,000 -- more than enough money for her to go to school.

I come out here, sit with her for an hour," Tammy Weeks said while visiting her daughter's grave."It's just been a nightmare … Like millions of teens, Nicole spent a lot of her social time online. Volunteers even brought an infrared drone to aid in the search for Nicole."I know she wouldn't go nowhere for that many hours without her medicine," said Weeks. "She would always make me write her a note for gym because they would pick on her about her scar." Nicole's social media posts reveal a sadly typical teenage story: so lonely she'd had suicidal thoughts, longing for love and convinced nobody cared about her.