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You can use Facebook, Twitter and Google for the most social tenplay experience or the traditional email and password. You can link your social accounts down the track if you sign up using email.Just head to your Account Profile Double-check your username and password. If you’re still having issues contact us at [email protected] When you’re signed into tenplay you can access your Account Profile via the username or email address that displays in the top right of the screen.How about if it says "Further instructions have been sent to [email protected]" in both cases (the email does exist and the email does not exist). I had the same problem with a module i was working on to resend a user's name via e-email via a similiar way pass reset works.var bundles = JSON.parse("{\"bundles/onboarding/start App\":,\"pages/peer-cml-migration/start App\":,\"bundles/account-settings/start App\":,\"bundles/directory/start App\":,\"pages/global-skills-initiative/start App\":,\"pages/auth/start App\":,\"pages/accomplishments/routes\":,\"pages/star/routes\":,\"pages/my-purchases/start App\":,\"pages/saml-sso/start App\":,\"pages/hut/routes\":,\"pages/open-course/routes\":{\"bundles/course-gle/components/Home Page\":[\"bundles/course-gle/components/Home Page\",\"bundles/course-gle/components/Guided Course Home\",\"bundles/course-gle/components/Alice Home Page Notification\",\"css!We recommend copying and pasting the password from your email When you’re signed into tenplay you can access your Account Profile via the username or email address that displays in the top right of the screen.

The minimum information requirements are email and password.Sign up on the tenplay site by hitting the ‘Sign in’ button in the top right-hand corner of the website pages.If you're not already a member, toggle to "SIGN UP" at the top of the pop up to get to the sign up screen.Many guys seeking advice from him are intelligent, but smart can be dumb.

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