Intimidating dog breeds

11-May-2016 10:02

Here are the top 10 dogs for security, in alphabetical order: Akita.

Originally bred for the upper class of Japan centuries ago, the bold and fearless Akita is a dog that deserves intense respect.

This nature makes them quite aggressive and ferocious.3) Doberman Pinschers This is one tough, loyal and aggressive breed of dogs.All of these are important before researching characteristics of each dog breed and its level of aggression.The first thing that comes to people’s mind when thinking about aggressive dogs is their size.With adequate exercise, such as short walks and a visit to the park, Mastiff breeder Dee Dee Andersson says, the dogs can do very well in condos or apartments (just be careful not to trip over him).

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The Great Dane is another surprise contender for a condo or apartment companion.

These dogs can be gentle and wonderful family pets if they are trained properly.