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25-Oct-2016 02:50

In subsection (c), the words “active duty” are substituted for the words “active military service of the United States”. The words “of the Army National Guard of the United States” are inserted for clarity.

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In case of an emergency or imminent danger of an emergency, the governor, as commander in chief, may increase the size of the Ohio national guard according to the existing regulations governing the armed forces of the United States, as the exigency of the occasion requires. (b) The adjutant general shall add to that individual's accumulated eligibility units calculated under division (E) of this section the number of eligibility units for the academic courses or term for which the scholarship was paid if the institution of higher education agrees to permit the individual to complete the remainder of the academic courses in which the individual was enrolled at the time the individual was called into active duty.

Town militia companies were organized into three permanent militia regiments on 13 December 1636.

This date marks the birth of the Massachusetts National Guard and is observed as the birth date of the National Guard of the United States.

Any organization and increase may be made either pursuant to, or in advance of, any call or order made by the president of the United States. (A) All commissioned and warrant officers of the Ohio national guard shall be appointed by the governor as commander in chief and shall be commissioned or warranted according to grade under the regulations of the department of the army or air force and the national guard bureau. (4) No individual who is discharged from the Ohio national guard under other than honorable conditions shall be eligible for scholarships under this division.

(B) No officer shall be commissioned or warranted until the officer has successfully passed tests as to physical, moral, and professional fitness as prescribed by regulations promulgated under federal law for federal recognition as a commissioned or warrant officer. Commissioned officers of the Ohio national guard shall take and subscribe to the following oath of office: "I, . (G) A scholarship recipient under this section who fails to complete the term of enlistment, re-enlistment, or extension of current enlistment the recipient was serving at the time a scholarship was paid on behalf of the recipient under this section is liable to the state for repayment of a percentage of all Ohio national guard scholarships paid on behalf of the recipient under this section, plus interest at the rate of ten per cent per annum calculated from the dates the scholarships were paid.

"Massachusetts National Guard, The Nation's First."The Massachusetts National Guard was founded as the Massachusetts Bay Colonial Militia on 13 December 1636.

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