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03-May-2016 20:17

The wooden legs were later replaced by the metal undercarriage used on the 3107s, with whom it also shares the shape of the lower half of the shell.

The surface of the shell is then varnished, painted or finished with cloth or leather.

Its sturdy heft also makes it inflexible to work with.

If you're looking for an affordable, durable, attractive and environmentally friendly building material, something that will weather the years and might be a talking point, plywood may well be the answer.

But the problems with using plywood were obvious—“Plywood shouts out loud that the property is vacant,” Klein said—so a few years ago when one of his partners who is an engineer suggested using polycarbonate to board up one of Klein's commercial properties in Chicago, Klein decided to try it.Originally known as the Model 4130, the chair was renamed after it won the Grand Prix at the XI. Its construction and design mostly resembles the Model 3107, which Jacobsen designed 1955, but featured four wooden legs.The chair is produced by Fritz Hansen out of beech or teak.It made a vast difference and we were able to sell the property,” Klein said.

“I thought, if we can do this on a commercial property, why can't we used it on a residential property?In 1945 Auerbach coordinated a press preview of Evans Products at the Barclay Hotel in New York followed by an exhibition of the collection at The Architectural League in 1946.