Vb net designer file not updating Chatvideoonline

25-Oct-2016 19:37

It is almost always best to leave the designer file closed.Michael Taylor - 8/25/07 As far as preventing the comments I don't think you can.As soon as you do this a new .file will be created for you with all the controls in it.Solution 2 : Delete your old .file if you want to update and create a new empty file with the same name, after saving your aspx or ascx file again, the designer class will be regenerated.

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After experimenting with these elements, you may notice that after adding back the elements and rebuilding the project, the Resource.file would update, but then you might still have to close and re-open the solution to get code completion to recognize the new types contained in Resource.

In the few cases where you might open it be sure to always save changes even if you haven't made any.