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18-Nov-2016 01:03

But seeing the president’s daughter date a vampire helps me remember that this is just a teenage phase. ” Obama says that it is nice to feel like a normal teenager.

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Obama’s relationship with a teenage vampire has put parents at ease as well.

And even if they're still nice to you, they basically don't have a lot of time for you during the weekends," he told the crowd. So all that early investment just leaves them to go away," he said.

A White House official declined Yahoo.com's request for comment and clarification on the president's remark, but it's safe to say that First Boyfriend watch is officially in effect.

‘Cause we both be on turnt up scenes and we just love life equally.

Earlier this month, Sasha Obama showed the world she is a normal teenager by taking a job bussing tables at a seafood shack in Martha’s Vineyard. Nightwhisper is tall, spindly and pale, and splits his time between doing homework and brooding.

When she was a baby, Sasha suffered from a serious case of meningitis, which causes inflammation of the brain and spinal cord.